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February 12, 2018

As IJM’s Regional Mobilization Manager for the West Coast, I (Kate) have the privilege of building teams of leaders across the West Coast who partner with us in making freedom real for IJM’s clients around the world. They courageously build this movement for advocacy, prayer and raise funds in their city that make rescue and restoration possible worldwide. 

This last November, I traveled with seven IJM supporters and advocates, making our way from the Bay Area to Manila, Philippines. We spent a week diving deeper into our work combating cyber-trafficking, allowing these friends to imagine unique tech-solutions that could be brought to bear in addressing this issue.

During the trip, we had the opportunity to attend the Manila Prayer Gathering. It was incredible to see a cross section of faith leaders in the Philippines praying specifically and urgently for this work happening in their own city.  As visitors, we had the chance to witness real life updates that we prayed for at our Bay Area Prayer Gathering just months prior.

We also had a chance to visit with the Philippines National Police and meet officers who, in partnership with IJM, lead national efforts to combat cyber trafficking.  It was a powerful visual of the transformation that’s taken place over the years in Manila through fundraising, prayer, and persistent advocacy in the United States. It was life-giving for our team to meet and see the people doing this work.

With great clarity, I saw the life-changing impact that's possible. I'm more convinced than ever that our action right where we are is transforming the movement for justice around the world. My encouragement to you would be that your voice matters.

Your tweet, your call to Congress, and your actions are ensuring a better life for someone you may never get to meet. We did, and I wanted to share this impact with you.

- Kate Case, IJM Regional Mobilization Manager


December 14, 2017

Each year we host the Advocacy Summit, it is an absolute highlight for our team. Truly, nothing brings us greater joy than gathering with you, our faithful friends and advocates, to use our voices on Capitol Hill on behalf of those who suffer. This October, we entered the halls of power again with more than 270 advocates from all over the country.

December 14, 2017

Do you believe that a dress can change the world? In 2013, our partners at Dressember and founder Blythe Hill began with this simple question. Last year, over 4,600 women participated by wearing a dress the entire month of December and telling the story of those in slavery today. Inspiring their friends, family, and communities to join them, Dressember is partnering with organizations like IJM, together making rescue possible and restoring freedom to women, children, and men in slavery around the globe.