Going Green

by Sara Pomeroy / Topic: Your Voice Matters, Advocacy, Guest Blog September 13, 2013
Sara Pomeroy By Sara Pomeroy

Sara Pomeroy is the founder of Richmond Justice Initiative (RJI), an organization of volunteer modern-day abolitionists who use their gifts and talents in the fight against human trafficking.  On September 5, 2013, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell announced great strides in taking on the problem of human trafficking.  Sara and her group celebrated this progress but also emphasized the need for continued action.  She agreed to share with us about her experiences as an advocate and how her faith has motivated her in her work.

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Your Voice Matters: Meet Stephanie

/ Topic: Your Voice Matters May 2, 2013

“The first time I really felt like an advocate was at the end of the first Lobby Day that I participated in. We had done a whole day of meetings on Capitol Hill with members of Congress and their staff, and it was the first time I realized that my voice can actually count.”

Hear Stephanie's story and make your voice count by signing up for this year's Lobby Day!


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Your Voice Matters: Meet Travis

/ Topic: Your Voice Matters, Justice Campaigns March 25, 2013

“I am a cancer survivor, and having gone through cancer treatments it gives you the idea that life can be short and you’re not guaranteed a tomorrow. And for me that also increased my passion to be advocating on behalf of those who aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow either.”

Travis is a volunteer who helps lead IJM's advocacy work in West Virginia. Hear more of his story below.


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Your Voice Matters: Meet Tim

by Erica Boonstra / Topic: Justice Campaigns, Your Voice Matters February 25, 2013


Tim (Nashotah, WI) helps lead IJM's advocacy work in the state of Wisconsin. Hear Tim's story about how he got involved in fighting human trafficking.

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Your Voice Matters: Meet Daniel

/ Topic: Advocates, Wyoming, Your Voice Matters November 15, 2012

As part of the launch of The Freedom Commons, Justice Campaigns will be featuring a state advocate leader monthly. We have asked them to share their stories about what makes them passionate about anti-slavery advocacy and how they became advocates for justice.

Daniel DeCecco - IJM Justice Campaigns State Leader - Wyoming

“As Wyoming is the only state to not have passed an anti-trafficking law, it has been part of my agenda to get a bill put forward…And so far, I’ve seen many legislators stand very supportive of a bill—and even to see bipartisan support among legislators from different backgrounds has been really encouraging to me. I believe that our government is formed to fight against things like this.”

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