What we know about development — and what we need to learn

by Erica Boonstra / Topic: #EndViolence, Sustainable Development Goals, The Locust Effect May 11, 2015
Help protect the poor from violence.

The global fight against poverty gained an unprecedented level of attention in 2000 when the United Nations—and all its member countries—established the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  The MDGs were our global roadmap; our plan for creating a future in which men, women, and children worldwide could thrive.

Over the course of the past 15 years, we’ve learned a lot about development:

·       We’ve recognized the importance of empowering women, who “hold up half the sky.”

·       We’ve witnessed “the girl effect” and have come to understand the necessity of investing in girls’ education. 

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Why global poverty still exists: the new TED talk to watch

by Eileen Campbell / Topic: The Locust Effect, Sustainable Development Goals, poverty, everyday violence April 20, 2015
Gary Haugen, Founder and CEO of International Justice Mission, TED Talk 2015

You can give all manner of goods and services to the poor, but if you don’t restrain the violent bullies from taking it away, we are going to be disappointed by the long-term impact of our efforts.

Gary Haugen gives his first TED talk:
The Hidden Reason For Poverty The World Has Overlooked

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OP-ED | Missing from the UN's agenda: Everyday Violence

by Erica Boonstra, Tim Gehring / Topic: The Locust Effect, everyday violence, UN, MDG September 10, 2014

Earlier this month, UNICEF released a staggering report on violence against children. The report, Hidden in Plain Sight, reveals that violence is as much a part of poverty as hunger, illness, or lack of access to education, but it is much harder to see.  Its publication is timely, as the UN General Assembly convenes in New York City later this month to mark one year until the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals are announced. These goals will set a new global agenda for governments, development agencies and NGOs to address poverty and promote sustainable development.

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Humans of New York, the Locust Effect, and Our Global Fight to End Poverty

by Erica Boonstra / Topic: The Locust Effect, Millennium Development Goals August 13, 2014
Erica Boonstra

I’ve long been a fan of Brandon Stanton’s blog, Humans of New York*, for the thought-provoking profiles he captures that give us a glimpse into the characters that make up the U.S.A.’s most populous city. I was thrilled when Brandon announced his 50-day “World Tour” in partnership with the United Nations, aimed at raising awareness through a series of photos about the progress made towards the Millennium Development Goals.

The photographs would achieve an important goal: humanizing these goals that represent a global effort to address those things that prevent human flourishing—maternal mortality, extreme poverty, lack of clean water.

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