Get information on how Indiana is doing on combatting trafficking and find out how to contact state policymakers!

Note: All information on this page relates to state-level anti-trafficking legislation and policymakers. Please refer to the National page of this site, or your state Congressional Scorecard for information on federal legislation and policymakers.

Polaris Project ranks every state in the country based on their laws to fight human trafficking. Indiana has passed 7 out of 10 critical anti-trafficking laws identified by Polaris Project.

As a result, Polaris has rated Indiana

Tier One (Green)

Click here for the full Polaris Project 2012 Indiana State Ratings Report.


Contact your state leaders about current legislation:

Governor Mitch Daniels

Find your state legislators

(You can find Indiana’s federal Members of Congress, and how they vote on anti-trafficking legislation, by visiting our Congressional Scorecard on the State page)


View Polaris Project’s list of select local anti-trafficking organizations and service providers in Indiana.