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(S) = Bill Sponsor  |  (CO) = Bill Cosponsor  |  (V) = Bill Supporter (voted)  |  (SPON) = Sponsored Dear Colleague Letter  |  (SIGN) = Signed Dear Colleague Letter

Note: Names in all categories are ordered alphabetically and grouped by name of state, then name of individual.



StateName of MemberPartyActivity on Bills and Appropriations
CT Blumenthal, Richard DS2139-112(CO), S2234-112(S), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(S)
OH Brown, Sherrod DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NC Burr, Richard RS987-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S185-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
WA Cantwell, Maria DS2925-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S185-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MS Cochran, Thad RS987-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
ME Collins, Susan RS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S2234-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
CA Feinstein, Dianne DS3061-110(CO), S987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NC Hagan, Kay DS987-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
IA Harkin, Thomas DS987-111(CO), S2925-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MN Klobuchar, Amy DS2982-111(CO), S185-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
Lautenberg, Frank DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S2234-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MO McCaskill, Claire DS2139-112(S), S2234-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
OR Merkley, Jeff DS987-111(CO), S2925-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
WA Murray, Patty DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
VT Sanders, Bernard DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S2139-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NY Schumer, Charles DS987-111(CO), S2925-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NH Shaheen, Jeanne DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
MT Tester, Jon DS987-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S2139-112(CO), S2234-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
RI Whitehouse, Sheldon DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
OR Wyden, Ron DS2925-111(S), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)


StateName of MemberPartyActivity on Bills and Appropriations
NH Ayotte, Kelly RS2234-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
Baucus, Max DS3184-111(CO), S1631-111(S), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
AK Begich, Mark DS987-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
CO Bennet, Michael DS3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
AR Boozman, John RS1259-112(CO), S2234-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
PA Casey, Robert DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
DE Coons, Chris DS2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
IA Grassley, Charles RS987-111(CO), S1631-111(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
GA Isakson, John RS987-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NE Johanns, Mike RS3184-111(CO), S185-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
SD Johnson, Tim DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
Kerry, John (Secretary of State) DS2982-111(S), S1301-112(CO)
IL Kirk, Mark RS1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
LA Landrieu, Mary DS987-111(CO), S2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
VT Leahy, Patrick DS987-111(CO), S1301-112(S), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
OH Portman, Robert RS2234-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
RI Reed, John DS1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
FL Rubio, Marco RS2234-112(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MI Stabenow, Debbie DS2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
CO Udall, Mark DS987-111(CO), S3184-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NM Udall, Tom DS2982-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MS Wicker, Roger RS987-111(CO), S1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)


StateName of MemberPartyActivity on Bills and Appropriations
TN Alexander, Lamar RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
WI Baldwin, Tammy DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
WY Barrasso, John RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MO Blunt, Roy RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NJ Booker, Cory D
DE Carper, Thomas DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
GA Chambliss, Saxby RS1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
Chiesa, Jeffrey R
IN Coats, Daniel RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
OK Coburn, Thomas R
TN Corker, Bob RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
TX Cornyn, John RS2925-111(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
Cowan, William DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
ID Crapo, Michael RSAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
TX Cruz, Ted RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
IN Donnelly, Joe DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
WY Enzi, Michael RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NE Fischer, Deb RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
AZ Flake, Jeff RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
SC Graham, Lindsey RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
UT Hatch, Orrin RS3061-110(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NM Heinrich, Martin DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
ND Heitkamp, Heidi DSAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
NV Heller, Dean RS1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
HI Hirono, Mazie DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
ND Hoeven, John RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
OK Inhofe, James R
WI Johnson, Ron R
VA Kaine, Timothy DSAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
ME King, Angus DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
UT Lee, Mike R
MI Levin, Carl DS2982-111(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
WV Manchin, Joe DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MA Markey, Edward (Formerly Representative) DS1249-113(CO)
AZ McCain, John R
KY McConnell, Mitch RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
KS Moran, Jerry RSAmdt21S47SV113(V), S1249-113(CO)
AK Murkowski, Lisa RS1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
CT Murphy, Christopher DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
FL Nelson, Bill DS1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
KY Paul, Rand RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
AR Pryor, Mark DS1301-112(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
NV Reid, Harry DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
ID Risch, James RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
KS Roberts, Pat RS987-111(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
WV Rockefeller, John DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
HI Schatz, Brian DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
SC Scott, Tim RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
AL Sessions, Jefferson R
AL Shelby, Richard RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
SD Thune, John RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
PA Toomey, Patrick RSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
LA Vitter, David RS987-111(CO), SAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MT Walsh, John D
VA Warner, Mark DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)
MA Warren, Elizabeth DSAmdt21S47SV113(V)