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Hello, Washington!


We need YOU to join IJM in speaking up against human trafficking today. Will you help us by making 2 phone calls?

It's really easy, and we've got all the information you need. Here's what to do:

Dial 1 866 720 FREE (3733)

Ask for (1) Senator CANTWELL and for the next call, (2) Senator MURRAY.

When the office answers the phone, say the following, replacing text in BOLD with the appropriate details.

Hi! My name is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR HOME TOWN], Washington.

I was wondering if you would be able to pass a message along to Senator CANTWELL/MURRAY.

I am calling to ask Senator CANTWELL/MURRAY to support S.1249, the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act. This bill will help show U.S. leadership in the fight against human trafficking. I'd be so grateful if Senator CANTWELL/MURRAY would cosponsor this bill.

Thank you for passing my message along!

Repeat for Senator MURRAY.