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Fresh from the tour - An update from the team's ride, in pictures!

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Some of us bike for fun, some for fitness, some for convenience—and still some for freedom. Erica Boonstra, of the Government Relations team here at IJM, is doing the latter.

As part of the Venture Expedition’s IJM Freedom Tour, Erica and the team will be cycling from Seattle, WA, to Portland, OR, to raise awareness and support for the fight against modern-day slavery. (You can support Erica’s ride here!)

Along the way, Erica will be sending us updates from the road, so be sure to check back for stories and pictures from the West coast. Stay tuned!

If the Freedom Tour swings by your area, please take a picture and share it with us on Twitter at @IJM and @IJMcampaigns! Find the race route here.

Midway through the week, and we've got some photos from the team!

IJM Freedom Tour - In Pictures
Bike for Freedom: Crescent LakeBike for Freedom: Forks
On the road, near Crescent LakeCruising through a cloudy Forks
Bike for Freedom: InterviewBike for Freedom: Bikers
Telling the world why they're doing this.Taking a well-deserved break - but only for a few minutes!