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We need your help with show and tell.

As any public speaker worth their salt will tell you, visual representation goes a long way in helping to drive your point home. IJM’s president and CEO Gary Haugen brought a 70 lb. bucket of rocks to last year’s Advocacy Summit—and not just for exercise. Whether you’re in front of an audience of thousands or just one, your point will have more impact if you can show and tell.

Imagine if we could show our leaders in Congress thousands of postcards signed by their constituents telling them we all want an end to modern-day slavery?

The 100 Postcard Challenge isn’t a challenge in the way that a marathon is to many of us. It isn’t physically demanding, and it isn’t time consuming. It is something that anyone can do. It is a challenge in the sense that we are betting that you know 99 people who would write their names on a postcard because they believe that slavery is wrong and want to do something to help end it.

Believe me when I say that this "unchallenging challenge" can have a huge impact.

Because when IJM’s legislative team goes to meetings on Capitol Hill, and they tell our representatives in Congress that their constituents actually do know and care about ending slavery, they’ll have the visuals to drive the point home.

It’s one thing to say, “Thank you for meeting with us, Senator. We are here on behalf of thousands of your constituents who want to make a difference for the 29.8 million people living in slavery today.”

It’s another thing when you can pull out giant stacks of postcards from thousands of their constituents to prove it.

We’re counting on YOU to help us show and tell our Members of Congress how much we care about ending slavery: rise to the challenge today!

[Image] Seth Wispelwey, IJM Field Organizer, delivers stacks of postcards to Senator Corker's office from his constituents in Tennessee.