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In South Asia, IJM staff partner with local officials to investigate slavery, free victims, and prosecute traffickers. But slavery doesn’t just happen overseas; it exists in many forms right here in our backyard, and even makes its way to our dinner tables. In the past 15 years, over 1,000 people have been freed from slavery in Florida’s tomato fields, where 90% of American off-season, fresh tomatoes are grown. 

This summer, we have a Recipe for Change.

Join IJM as we partner with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to push major supermarket chains to stock tomatoes that have been harvested free of slavery and other serious abuses.  Major fast food companies have already joined CIW’s Fair Food Program, which protects farmworkers from slavery and other abuses—and conditions are already starting to improve. But in order to eradicate slavery from the tomato supply chain, we need the buy-in from our country’s largest food suppliers—supermarkets.

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Join us as we campaign for slavery-free tomatoes this summer!

Eileen Campbell is the Director of Justice Campaigns for International Justice Mission. Justice Campaigns mobilizes people around the country in support of U.S. policies that will lead to the abolition of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Join us this summer for Recipe for Change, as we campaign for slave-free tomatoes.