You’ve created your local group, and now you’ll want to get your friends and family to join it! Here are some ways that you can connect with others in your community and grow your local group.

Recruit Online

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and email to recruit family and friends to your local group.
    • Have you joined the Freedom Commons Facebook group? If not – join us! When you’ve created your local group, post about it in the Facebook group in case other advocates from your area are looking for the perfect group to join.
  • Share about your events on social media, too! Try to include a short personal message or description to get people excited.

Recruit Offline

  • Create a quick event flier and then post some around your school, church or office.
  • Advertise at bookstores, coffee shops, grocery stores and public libraries.
  • Ask if your place of worship will allow you to make an announcement about your group or event.


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