To organize your new group, get started right here:

1.    If you haven't already, check out the groups already active in your area on your Freedom Commons State page. You could consider volunteering to co-organize an existing group to help them with their mission.

2.   Still want to create your own or no groups in your area? Great! Go to your state page and create a new local group.

3.   Name your group, choose a goal and write a short description. Here are some examples of what this could look like.

Freedom Fighters of San Jose

Nearly 36 million women, men, and children are currently enslaved around the world—this has to stop. Join a fun (and eclectic) group of activists as we fight to end injustice from the Bay Area.

Goal: Pass “Safe Harbor” legislation in California.


Denver Moms Against Injustice

A mom-focused, child-friendly group of women whose hearts break at the millions of children held in slavery around the world. Join us as we have fun, raise awareness, and advocate change!

Goal: Collect 2,500 anti-slavery postcards this year.

4.   Pick a location and schedule your first event.

5.   Start recruiting members and inviting people to your event.

6.   Hold your event.

7.   Repeat steps 3-5!


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