Hosting an event is a great way to recruit others to join your local group – and to mobilize your community in the fight to end slavery and violence against the poor.

Here are our 3 aspects that any great event will have – and even some bonus tips!

Make it Fun

  • Use your events to get to know one another and build relationships. Have people introduce themselves to the group and share how they first became aware of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.
  • Add a spirit of competition by dividing members into teams and seeing who can make the most phone calls, collect the most postcards or recruit the most new members!
  • Don’t forget to take pictures too – and post them on social media (share them in our Freedom Commons Facebook group!).

Make it Educational

  • Some new members or visitors might be new to the issues of slavery and human trafficking, so come prepared to share. You can find great resources under our Learn/Issues section, and at
  • Share news articles or research with your group to help them raise awareness or recruit new members.

Make it Momentum-Building

  • Have a laptop or tablet ready at meetings so visitors can sign up on the Freedom Commons right away.
  • Pass around a sign-up sheet to collect names and contact information, then add people to the group afterwards.
  • Take advantage of having everyone together by comparing calendars and picking a date for your next event, ideally in the next 2-4 weeks. You don’t have to figure out all the details, but put it on the calendar so people can plan ahead!

Bonus – here are some event ideas for your group!

The “Get-To-Know-You” Event

Get to know each other over snacks and drinks. Building real friendships will make your group stronger.

The “Collective Action” Event

Taking action together can be more satisfying doing it alone. Pick a high-priority action from the Action Hub — like writing a letter to your member of Congress or making a phone call to your member’s office — and do it together as a group.

The “Awareness Raising/Recruitment” Event

Get creative as you bring attention to the issue of slavery and to recruit new activists into taking action! Try handing out fliers at a local farmers’ market, waving signs at a busy intersection, or writing messages on your car windows with window chalk.

The “Group Learning” Event

The best advocates are well-informed advocates. Bring in an experienced anti-slavery advocate, law enforcement officer, or other expert to talk to your group and make you more effective.

The “Community Outreach” Event

Turn your community's focus to real world problems: Host a screening of IJM's short documentary At the End of Slavery at your church or school; hold a 5K race or benefit dinner to raise funds for IJM’s work; or invite a speaker to educate your community on human-trafficking locally and around the world.

The “Lobbying Meeting” Event

One of the most important events your group can hold is a lobby meeting with your members of Congress, either within your district or by attending IJM’s National Lobby Day in DC. Meeting face-to-face with members of your lawmakers is the best way to communicate to them how much their constituents care about slavery. IJM staff can provide everything you need to make your meeting a success!


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