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End: A point that marks the limit of something: the point at which something no longer continues to happen or exist.


To more and more people each day, it is becoming apparent that slavery has not yet come to an end. Although illegal, slavery is thriving throughout the world. Millions of people are continuously being oppressed – human beings treated as commodities, tradable and replaceable.


There are currently 35 million people enslaved throughout the world – in forced labor, bonded labor, child labor, domestic servitude and sex trafficking. That’s 35 million people trapped in a situation that no one should ever face: 35 million reasons why we must work to end slavery now, to come to a point where slavery no longer exists.


There’s another side to this horrible story. Though slavery still exists and has ever since ancient times, so have the committed individuals working to end it. Abolitionists are the everyday people turning ordinary interests, passions and skills into organized antislavery work. We have existed for hundreds of years, and we are actively fighting today.


End Slavery Now is a brand new tool (launched this Monday morning!) that connects individuals with anti-trafficking organizations. It describes the different forms of slavery, so you can learn about sex trafficking but understand it in the larger context of forced labor, child labor and other forms of slavery. It also describes the different types of abolitionist work that organizations participate in. Whether it is awareness building, policy creation, rescues, prosecution, aftercare services or empowering survivors, organizations are doing incredible things to help realize real freedom throughout the world.


Explore antislavery partners or one of the 1,000+ organizations categorized by state – find those that interest you and ways to volunteer time and/or resources. Then dive into the real, tangible actions that are posted all throughout the site. These are genuine actions you can take to become a modern-day abolitionist.


We all have a role in ending slavery, and at End Slavery Now, you can get help finding yours.


Visit to learn more about modern slavery and how you can act to help end it.