LIVE blog: seeking justice for Willie, Joseph and Josephat

by Clara Campbell / Topic: #JusticeinKenya Willie Kimani #FindLawyerWillie #IamWillie November 3, 2016
#JusticeinKenya #IamWillie This blog has a new home!

Click here to get the latest from IJM on this case. IJM Community is the new home of the antislavery movement. Thanks for being a part of this!

In July of 2016, you stood with us when IJM investigator and human rights lawyer, Willie Kimani, and two friends, Joseph Muiruri and Josephat Mwenda, were abducted and murdered. You helped spark a global outcry for #JusticeinKenya and an end of police abuse of power through this ongoing petition.

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Freedom Sunday Happened (to us)!

/ Topic: Freedom Sunday, #UntilAllAreFree October 6, 2016


By Roger Bain, IJM Church Mobilization Program Manager

This past weekend, over 450+ churches nationwide stood with IJM to engage in the work of ending slavery in our world. They were from different denominations, large and small, all doing the same thing: speaking about the biblical mandate to care for the oppressed and urging congregants to act.

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Need inspiration? Welcome to The New Activist.

/ Topic: October 6, 2016

There's a new podcast in town, and it's called "The New Activist." These are the stories of men and women who are changing history today. We talked to its founder and leading host, Eddie Kaufholz, IJM's Church Mobilization Director (Southeast), to find out more about the show—and why we should all tune in.

Q&A with Eddie below, and as soon as you're ready, fill your earbuds with the inspiring action-packed sounds of "The New Activist."

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Holly's News From Washington: August 2016

by Holly Burkhalter / Topic: #JusticeinKenya, the movement August 18, 2016
#JusticeinKenya Willie Kimani #FindLawyer Willie Peaceful march demanding justice on behalf of Willie Kimani and two others. I didn’t know IJM had so many friends. 

As you know, IJM suffered the grievous loss of our colleague Willie Kimani, our friend and driver Joseph Muiruri, and our client, Josephat Mwenda. The three were abducted on June 23 after leaving a Nairobi courthouse; their bodies were found on July 1. Four Kenyan police officers have been arrested and charged with their murder. 

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Our Book Picks This Summer

/ Topic: resources, Summer August 17, 2016

"The Invention of Wings," Sue Monk Kidd
From Eileen Campbell, IJM Senior Director of Advocacy and Mobilization

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They've Got Mail: 100 Postcard Challenge on Capitol Hill

by Ashby Henningsen / Topic: 100 Postcard Challenge, Advocacy, #100PCC, Capitol Hill, intern, IJM interns July 29, 2016

For many of us, justice is more than just some abstract societal good or virtue—it is a conscious decision, a sense of calling to tangibly better the lives of others. What’s more, justice only comes about when ordinary individuals come together to create positive change.

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Holly's News From Washington: May 2016

by Holly Burkhalter / Topic: End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015, #EndSlaveryAct, Advocacy, Lobby Day May 25, 2016

Last month, over 80 anti-slavery activists visited 78 Senate and House offices to support the End Modern Slavery Initiative, EMSI. The group included pastors and advocacy leaders who were in Washington (with 1,600 others) for International Justice Mission’s annual Global Prayer Gathering. The advocates spent an extra day and night in DC to let their members of Congress and senators know that they supported the End Modern Slavery Initiative and urge their support.

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My day on the Hill with Tony Hale

Actor Tony Hale advocates with International Justice Mission for the End Modern Slavery Initiative.

Top photo: Tony Hale and some of the IJM crew at the beginning of our day.

True confession: I’ve never watched “Arrested Development.” (Huge pop culture FAIL, I know.) I'm not caught up on "Veep." So when I found out I was going to be accompanying Tony Hale around Capitol Hill for a day, I was worried the whole casual conversation thing was going to be a little awkward.

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This abolition advocate has something to ask *YOU.* Meet Rusty.

On May 5, 2016, Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana became the 39th cosponsor of the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act (EMSI; S.553). This bill will bring together private and public funding to replicate successful anti-slavery models. In other words, the EMSI is a real game-changer in the fight to end modern-day slavery around the world.

That’s why IJM and our friends have been working so hard to make sure this bill becomes a law. As you’ll know since the first time you watched Schoolhouse Rock: I’m Just a Bill, there’s a lot that can happen to a bill on its way from its sponsor’s desk to the president’s pen. It’s incredibly important that a bill have strong support behind it for it to stand a chance.

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'Til Death Do Us Part: How A Bill Becomes A Law

Wondering how a bill becomes a law? Our intern wrote this to help explain, with the use of a marriage analogy.

By Jessica Harkins

Can I be honest with you? I’ve learned pretty much everything I know about politics and Capitol Hill from watching The West Wing, VEEP, and House of Cards. Sorry, Dad. By now, most of us, at least my fellow interns at IJM, have binge-watched our way through season 4 of House of Cards. We’ve watched Frank Underwood whip the votes with fear and terror for four horrifying seasons, and we’ve thanked God we’re not under President Underwood’s jurisdiction.

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