Holly's News From Washington - The Little Bill That Could Do Big Things

by Holly Burkhalter / Topic: Holly's News, #1step1voice, Human Trafficking Prioritization Act December 5, 2013
Holly Burkhalter On Tuesday, November 19, 4,700 people from all fifty states called the United States Congress in support of legislation to make the State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP Office) a full-fledged bureau. This avalanche of calls that swamped the Capitol Switchboard was the culmination of IJM’s effort to engage students and other advocates in a “Day of Action” to make policy makers aware of the importance of one of our nation’s diplomatic treasures, the TIP Office. Read More

Experience Justice

by Kate Case / Topic: justice, events November 27, 2013
One Saturday afternoon this fall, visitors trickled into an exhibit housed by the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club: Experience Justice.  Visitors were guided through several stations where they gained awareness about the atrocities IJM’s clients throughout the world experience every day and what we are doing to fight for justice and restitution on their behalf. Joseph and Mala*We shared the story of Joseph, a father in Kenya who was imprisoned despite his innocence. Unable to afford a lawyer, he would have to wait months or years for a trial held in a language he couldn’t speak. But IJM took Joseph’s case, and stood up for him in court. Read More

Thousands of Steps, Thousands of Voices: #1Step1Voice National Day of Action

by Clara Campbell / Topic: #1step1voice, campaigns, Human Trafficking Prioritization Act, S 1249, HR 2283 November 22, 2013
1step1voice Earlier this week, thousands of you called on Congress to let our representatives know that stopping human trafficking should be a priority. We're grateful to you for joining us and taking action! Here's a look at what we did, together:


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Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking: 2013 Report

by Clara Campbell / Topic: Michigan, Human Trafficking November 6, 2013

LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) - Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Wednesday unveiled the 2013 Report on Human Trafficking by the first Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing and second-largest criminal industry in the world, after drug trafficking, according to a news release.

Children are especially vulnerable, and existing data sources strongly suggest that the current reported human trafficking statistics do not provide a complete picture of the prevalence of human trafficking in Michigan. Read more of this story via WoodTV.com>>

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IJM Day and What I Learned About Organizing

by Emily Yount / Topic: organizing, Advocacy, Students, events, IJM Day, Nashville October 24, 2013
IJM Day - Emily Yount

Emily Yount is the leader of the IJM student chapter at Vanderbilt University. Her group and their neighboring chapters at Belmont and Lipscomb Universities were instrumental in orchestrating the first ever “IJM Day,” that took place on October 1, 2013, in Nashville, TN. They also collected over 700 signed postcards, addressed to Senator Corker, asking him to support the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act. Emily is majoring in social work and will graduate in 2014.


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Holly's News From Washington

by Holly Burkhalter / Topic: Holly's News October 24, 2013
Holly Burkhalter

Washington is coming back to life after 16 days of government shutdown. IJM’s friends in Congress and at the State Department are back at their desks, which makes me very happy. I thought it would be hard to get meetings when legislative aides came back to overflowing desks, but I was wrong. People who serve in government care about violence against children and adults whether they are furloughed because of the shutdown or not. They are eager to help IJM and our clients. 


This might be a fanciful notion, but I think that the cause of ending modern-day slavery can actually bring Democrats and Republicans together in ways that almost nothing else can. 


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12 Years a Slave, and the Continuing Story

Solomon Northup

This past weekend, I saw the newly released film 12 Years a Slave. It tells the story of Solomon Northup, and African American man born free but tricked and trafficked into slavery in the South. The film is based on his own brave account of his journey from freedom to slavery to freedom again. And it’s hard to watch: the movie is graphic and doesn’t shy away from the great ugliness and darkness that is slavery. Most of the time, you’re holding your breath—unable to hope for a good outcome even though you know how the story ends.

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What Will YOUR Story Be?

by Clara Campbell / Topic: Nashville, IJM Day October 4, 2013
Nashville IJM Day Group Shot IJM Day in Music City

Tuesday afternoon, I was on the steps of Nashville’s City Hall, with a great gathering of students and musicians, celebrating Music City’s resolution to be a leader in the fight against slavery and violent oppression.


Bright Company

I had the pleasure of meeting several of the students at the rally and was so impressed by their ideas, drive, and commitment to the cause of ending violent oppression. It was inspiring to see this group of people who care deeply about what is happening to their fellow human beings and are so ready and willing to act on their behalf.


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Let's Get Back to the Essentials: Thoughts on the Shutdown

by Holly J. Burkhalter, IJM VP of Government Relations / Topic: Congress, shutdown, Washington October 4, 2013
The Park is Closed

This morning as I walked my two dogs, I passed a charming park full of playground equipment.  It is just a couple blocks from my house in Washington, DC’s, Capitol Hill neighborhood, and there wasn’t a day I didn’t take my girls there when they were small.  It teems with toddlers, nannies, strollers, grandparents – but not today.  The iron gate was chained and padlocked and a large laminated sign hung from it, stating that the park is closed because of the federal government shut-down.


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Hats Off to Nashville: Tomorrow is IJM Day in Music City

by Clara Campbell / Topic: IJM Day, Nashville, events September 30, 2013
IJM Day Resolution

The city of Nashville, Tennessee, recently passed a little resolution declaring Tuesday, October 1, 2013, “IJM Day.” You may now be wondering: what will IJM Day be about?


Given its title, you might think we’re going to throw a big party, at which Gary Haugen (our president and CEO) will thank the fine people of Nashville and their leaders for this honorable mention. But IJM Day is about much more than that.



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