A conversation on the future of fighting human trafficking

by Lacey White / Topic: modern slavery, Human Trafficking March 11, 2015
Holly Burkhalter and Cindy McCain

As a somewhat new member of the Government Relations and Advocacy team at IJM, I am still enchanted by the fact that I get to help fight for freedom on behalf of thousands every day. Social justice has always been a cause to which I have gravitated, and as someone who has been given a voice, I would like to use it in defending others. As a person of faith, a millennial and college student who studied politics and policy, I would say that I was bound to end up fighting for human rights at some time or another. As a young person (or a human being,  in general!), it can be easy to get involved in a cause and then become disenchanted or disinterested after things don’t progress as we would like them to, but human rights and human freedom cannot be won and maintained with that mindset.

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