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/ Topic: modern day slavery; abolition July 1, 2014
End Slavery Now

End: A point that marks the limit of something: the point at which something no longer continues to happen or exist.


To more and more people each day, it is becoming apparent that slavery has not yet come to an end. Although illegal, slavery is thriving throughout the world. Millions of people are continuously being oppressed – human beings treated as commodities, tradable and replaceable.


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It's one thing to know, but what will we do?

by Clara Campbell / Topic: modern day slavery; abolition June 23, 2014
William Wilberforce

Thomas Clarkson was a university student when he was given this essay topic: Is it lawful to enslave the un-consenting?

Writing the paper, he was exposed anew to what was actually happening around him. Even after he had turned it in, he continued to research slavery, and was astounded and appalled by what he found.

“A thought came into my mind,” he later wrote, “that if the contents of the essay were true, it was time some person should see these calamities to their end.”

Clarkson realized that “some person” could mean him. Instead of standing by and assuming that someone of greater means and ability would take up the cause, he rose to the challenge and did the most that anyone can do: what he could.

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