What Nashville, an Ashton Kutcher movie, and YOU have to do with the end of slavery

"I believe in Nashville" sign.

THE CITY OF NASHVILLE runs along the winding Cumberland River. To the east lie mountain ranges with names that have stories in them, like Great Smoky and Unicoi. Go west on the road to Jackson and Memphis, and you’ll come to the Mississippi Delta and the Gulf Coastal Plain.

Nashville’s flag has a true blue background, said to represent the courage and conviction of the city’s leaders throughout history, and its gold stripe stands for the richness of the city’s land and resources. Named for a general in the American Revolutionary War, there’s no doubt about it: Nashville is indeed wealthy in history, land, and resources.

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IJM Day and What I Learned About Organizing

by Emily Yount / Topic: organizing, Advocacy, Students, events, IJM Day, Nashville October 24, 2013
IJM Day - Emily Yount

Emily Yount is the leader of the IJM student chapter at Vanderbilt University. Her group and their neighboring chapters at Belmont and Lipscomb Universities were instrumental in orchestrating the first ever “IJM Day,” that took place on October 1, 2013, in Nashville, TN. They also collected over 700 signed postcards, addressed to Senator Corker, asking him to support the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act. Emily is majoring in social work and will graduate in 2014.


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What Will YOUR Story Be?

by Clara Campbell / Topic: Nashville, IJM Day October 4, 2013
Nashville IJM Day Group Shot IJM Day in Music City

Tuesday afternoon, I was on the steps of Nashville’s City Hall, with a great gathering of students and musicians, celebrating Music City’s resolution to be a leader in the fight against slavery and violent oppression.


Bright Company

I had the pleasure of meeting several of the students at the rally and was so impressed by their ideas, drive, and commitment to the cause of ending violent oppression. It was inspiring to see this group of people who care deeply about what is happening to their fellow human beings and are so ready and willing to act on their behalf.


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Hats Off to Nashville: Tomorrow is IJM Day in Music City

by Clara Campbell / Topic: IJM Day, Nashville, events September 30, 2013
IJM Day Resolution

The city of Nashville, Tennessee, recently passed a little resolution declaring Tuesday, October 1, 2013, “IJM Day.” You may now be wondering: what will IJM Day be about?


Given its title, you might think we’re going to throw a big party, at which Gary Haugen (our president and CEO) will thank the fine people of Nashville and their leaders for this honorable mention. But IJM Day is about much more than that.



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