Advocating #OnBehalfOf Change: how a Millennial learned to make a change the old-fashioned way

by Meredith Schellin / Topic: Advocacy Summit, #EndSlaveryAct, End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015, Advocacy October 27, 2015
Meredith Schellin shares about IJM's Advocacy Summit

As a millennial, I think I can change the world. My generation knows how to grab attention through Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. We’re used to viral videos, ice-bucket campaigns and instant “likes” to move people to action. And don’t get me wrong, I believe social media really does have the capacity to make an impact. Recently, however, during IJM’s Advocacy Summit, I learned how to affect change the old-fashioned way: through face-to-face conversations. I also learned that sometimes, change is a long, hard road.

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Three Things To Know About the #EndSlaveryAct

The 2015 IJM Advocacy Summit A note from our Research and Policy Manager, Tim Gehring:

We are less than two weeks away until IJM's Advocacy Summit, and we know this is a busy time for everyone. As summer winds down and the school year ramps up, hundreds of advocates from across the country are preparing to come to Washington, DC, to meet with their representatives and senators. There are bags to pack, flights to catch, drives to make and various other details to pull together. Why all the bother, even amidst the hustle and bustle of the fall?

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Holly's Top Ten Tips for Lobbying

Lobby Day on Capitol Hill

IJM’s wonderful Advocacy Summit is coming up fast!  We can’t wait to have our friends from around the United States converge on Washington for advocacy training and story-telling followed by a day of meetings with members of Congress, senators and their staff in support of our cherished End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015 (EMSI, #EndSlaveryAct). Many of those coming to the Advocacy Summit are experienced lobbyists, having visited their Senate and House offices many times. But for some, it will be the first time up on Capitol Hill. Either way, we want to make sure our advocates are well prepared.

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Have a great day on Capitol Hill! Three top tips from our senior director of advocacy.

by Clara Campbell / Topic: Advocacy Summit, Advocacy, #EndSlaveryAct September 6, 2015
Lobby Day on Capitol Hill

Here at IJM, the team is getting ready for our annual Advocacy Summit. The event is made up of two parts: on Day 1, we do in-depth training and development of advocacy skills, and Day 2, we head to Capitol Hill and lobby our members of Congress. It's an opportunity to have a great impact in the fight for freedom, so we want to make sure our advocates are prepared to make the most of their time in Washington. Over the course of a long career in advocacy, I've done more than a few lobby days, and spent my share of time on Capitol Hill.

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Prayer Matters (And Advocacy Does, Too)

Ashlee Stafford

The theme for IJM’s Global Prayer Gathering this year was “Prayer Matters.” It was a beautiful testament to God’s work through prayer, and I was entirely on board. I always have been, as imperfectly as I’ve acted on my belief in prayer. IJM doesn’t stop there, though, and in a few months, it will host its annual Advocacy Summit. Its unofficial theme could be “Advocacy Matters.” I’m on board with this too, but I haven’t always been.

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Holly's News From Washington

by Holly Burkhalter / Topic: Holly's News, CPCA, Advocacy Summit February 18, 2015
News from Washington We celebrated here at IJM when Undersecretary Sarah Sewall announced to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 11th that the U.S. Government has chosen Ghana to be the first Child Protection Compact Act focus country!  IJM and our supporters around the U.S. have been working since 2009 to secure this new approach for U.S. Read More

Determined to make a difference: Rain or shine!

by Clara Campbell / Topic: Advocacy Summit, Advocates, Capitol Hill, H.R.2283, CPCA July 1, 2014
advocates on the hill

#Selfie might have been the word of the year in 2013, but #selfless should be a front-runner for 2014, at least in terms of IJM advocates. On June 9 – 10, I was incredibly inspired by the time I spent with the people who flew in for the IJM Advocacy Summit. Giving of their personal time and resources to come and speak up for some of the most vulnerable people in our world, almost 300 men and women gathered in Washington, DC, and headed to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress and their staff.

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Get ready for IJM’s Advocacy Summit!

by Eileen Campbell / Topic: Advocacy Summit June 6, 2013

The whole IJM Advocacy team is so excited to welcome nearly 250 advocates from 40 states to Washington, D.C. on June 10-11!

You can download some of the materials you’ll be receiving at the Summit here if you’d like to review them ahead of time. If you have questions, don’t worry--we’ll prepare you well before you head to your lobby meetings.

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Register Today! IJM Advocacy Summit: June 10-11

/ Topic: Advocacy Summit April 18, 2013

Join us on June 10-11 in Washington, D.C. for the IJM Advocacy Summit: Raise Your Voice to End Slavery!


Get equipped to lead the fight against modern-day slavery!

Hear why your voice matters from IJM President Gary Haugen Share new ways to stand against slavery with advocates from across the country Meet your elected officials and let them know: It's possible to end slavery. It's time to proclaim emancipation for all!

Be part of the movement. Join us June 10-11.

Email us at [email protected] for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C.!

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