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2 reasons why we are celebrating the CRomnibusLike many Americans, our Government Relations and Advocacy team watched anxiously as Congress worked to pass its omnibus spending bill, which they did just in time to avert a federal government shutdown. The bill is enormous, so it’s not surprising that many Members were unhappy with the final com ...
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Three things I learned from campaign failureNobody around here likes to accept to defeat. It’s partly how we’re wired—everyone I work with throws their body and soul into their work—but mostly because we know what a victory would have meant for the clients that IJM serves, and thousands like them.For the past two years, our Government ...
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Holly's News From WashingtonWe had an unprecedented visit to IJM’s office this week: His Excellency Julio Ligorria, Guatemalan Ambassador to the United States, who was accompanied by his Minister Counselor, Edgar Villanueva. We’ve had many meetings at embassies to Washington but this was the first time a foreign Ambassador ...
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Holly's News From WashingtonThe House and Senate adjourned this weekend for a long Congressional recess.  There will likely be a short lame-duck session after the elections, and then the new Congress will be in the saddle in January.  They left a heap of unfinished business.  A big disappointment was the Senate’s failure ...
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