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In March, President Trump unveiled a budget blueprint for 2018 in which he proposed a 28% reduction in the State Department’s budget, which administers U.S. foreign aid.

Although foreign aid amounts to only about ONE PERCENT of the U.S. federal budget, a 28% reduction would mean bone-deep cuts in programs that protect children, women and men from starvation, preventable diseases—and slavery. The president’s budget communicates his priorities, but it is not binding; now, the ball is in Congress’ court.

This is a critical moment for Congress to hear from constituents who believe that the richest country in the world can and should spend one percent of its budget (or more) on protecting “the least of these” from unnecessary suffering and injustice. That’s why IJM is calling on leaders in the faith community (view the list of signatories thus far) to sign a letter to Congress, urging our elected officials to protect these life-saving programs as they craft the budget for 2018.

If you are a faith leader, please join with us by adding your name.

Email us today with your name, title, affiliation and address.

Dear House and Senate Appropriators:

We write to express our concern about large proposed cuts in the United States’ foreign aid budget. We respectfully urge you to maintain humanitarian programs that free slaves, feed the hungry, ensure child survival and provide shelter to those fleeing war and oppression. American Christians contribute generously to such causes at home and abroad. We ask that our government continue to reflect these core American values of courage and generosity by doing the same. 

Though the U.S. foreign aid program constitutes less than one percent of the federal budget, it has contributed to enormous anti-poverty gains over the past fifteen years. Thanks to U.S. foreign assistance, the world has seen huge gains in disease prevention, care and treatment, inoculation of children, girls’ education, nutrition and rule of law. 

Last year, the U.S. Congress passed legislation to create the “End Modern Slavery Initiative,” a foundation that will receive public and private funding to free and restore slaves and bring perpetrators to justice. If Congress enacts large cuts in foreign assistance programs, we are deeply concerned that the EMSI and other vitally important humanitarian efforts will be eroded.

We respectfully ask that foreign assistance be funded at 2016 levels.

Thank you for your consideration.