Holly's News From Washington

by Holly Burkhalter / Topic: Holly's News; Human Trafficking Prioritization Act; Congress April 24, 2014
Holly Burkhalter

There’s something very interesting going on in the House of Representatives right now.


We learned last week that House Republican leadership is planning on voting on a half dozen anti-trafficking bills that have been introduced this year. All of them relate to trafficking issues within the U.S., including commercial sexual exploitation of children, identifying trafficking victims within the child welfare system, foreign labor recruitment, and Back Page’s advertisements for sexual services.


I’m thrilled that Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are planning on moving anti-trafficking legislation next month. But I’m astonished the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act (H.R. 2283) isn’t on the list!


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Our Unchallenging Challenge to You

by Clara Campbell / Topic: 100 postcard challenge; advocacy; advocacy summit April 23, 2014
Postcard delivery

We need your help with show and tell.

As any public speaker worth their salt will tell you, visual representation goes a long way in helping to drive your point home. IJM’s president and CEO Gary Haugen brought a 70 lb. bucket of rocks to last year’s Advocacy Summit—and not just for exercise. Whether you’re in front of an audience of thousands or just one, your point will have more impact if you can show and tell.

Imagine if we could show our leaders in Congress thousands of postcards signed by their constituents telling them we all want an end to modern-day slavery?

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Holly's News From Washington

/ Topic: Holly's News; Advocacy Summit March 21, 2014
Holly Burkhalter

When I first came to International Justice Mission seven years ago, IJM had tens of thousands of individual friends and hundreds of churches around the U.S. who provided funds and prayers for our work. But everywhere my colleagues went, those friends asked: “What else can I do to help IJM’s work overseas to free slaves and protect the vulnerable?” 

We were soon able to give them an answer. In 2007, we were incredibly blessed by a donor, Humanity United, with a grant to build an advocacy program to engage ordinary Americans in the fight to end modern-day slavery.

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Transforming justice in Guatemala won't be easy

by Brad Twedt, Field Office Director, IJM Guatemala / Topic: Guatemala; guest blog; March 18, 2014
Brad Twedt, IJM Director - Guatemala

You’ve seen some of the statistics from Guatemala: Nothing is done with 6% of the sexual assault complaints filed. Nothing. No action at all. And then there is that huge number: 60%. That’s how many of the complaints get hopelessly bogged down in the criminal investigations stages. For years and years. With little or no progress.

It comes as no surprise, then, that only 6% of sexual assault complaints reach a trial verdict. So much impunity! So little justice for children who suffer child sexual assault!

This isn’t going to be easy. But we have a good plan.

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Superheroes, at home and abroad: My trip to Guatemala

by Sara Pomeroy / Topic: Guatemala; guest blog February 18, 2014

When I received an invitation to go to Guatemala City with IJM, feelings of elation and inadequacy came over me all at the same time. Elation because I considered it a privilege to have been invited, but also feelings of inadequacy as I was not sure how I could add value by going on this trip. Nevertheless, I packed my bags.


A Day of Joy

After arriving in Guatemala City, our first outing was to take part in a “Day of Joy” with some of IJM’s clients and their families. Days of Joy are times when IJM’s Guatemalan clients, most of whom are children who have suffered sexual abuse, are given a chance to experience joy in the midst of recovery.

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Looking back at Recipe for Change, and ahead to what's in store

by Seth Wispelwey / Topic: Recipe for Change; fair food; labor February 18, 2014
recipe for change

We’re reaching the two-year mark of Recipe for Change, IJM’s big campaign to help end slavery in the American tomato industry.  Since 2012, we’ve been supporting the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) as they raise awareness of the abuse farmworkers have faced in Florida.

Together, we’ve been trying to rally American food suppliers to join the Fair Food Program (FFP), which would protect farmworkers’ rights and guarantee store-bought tomatoes are slavery-free.

Here’s a look back at some highlights from Recipe for Change from the road so far:

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Holly's News From Washington

by Holly Burkhalter / Topic: Holly's News; The Locust Effect February 18, 2014
Holly Burkhalter

This month was the official launch of our boss Gary Haugen’s new book, The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence. It is an extraordinary story about how common crime—“everyday violence,” we call it—undermines the lives and livelihoods of the poorest people in the world. IJM knows this world very well, because these are the children, women and men who are our clients in Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

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Mountains of Ice to Melt

by Andie Hines / Topic: Apathy regarding social justice February 16, 2014

My latest blog post with thoughts on apathy and social justice and some starting steps on how to combat apathy.

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These Senators Did Something Awesome - Join us in saying THANK YOU

/ Topic: Guatemala February 14, 2014

These Senators heard YOUR voices and signed a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, asking him to help keep children safe and make justice more accessible and functional for everyone in Guatemala. Thank you for telling them how important this is to you!

Please take a moment today to thank your members of Congress for their leadership in the fight for justice!

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Join Tennessee Titans QB in asking Senator Corker for his support!

In this Letter to the Editor, Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker asks Senator Bob Corker for his support on a little bill that could do a lot in the fight against human trafficking. 

If you're from Tennessee, join IJM and Jake in asking your elected representatives for their support on the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act! Just click on the button below to Tweet the following message to Senator Corker.

Hi Senator Corker! As a fellow Tennessean, I would like to ask for your support on S. 1249 and the fight against #humantrafficking. Thanks!

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