today, there are more people
trapped in slavery than
at any other time IN HISTORY.

you and I can do
something meaningful
to change that fact.

Modern-day slavery is brutal, violent and very profitable for traffickers (to the tune of $150 billion USD per year). If we want to create a sea change and truly end slavery, we need powerful actors to make big moves.

That’s why we must make sure the End Modern Slavery Initiative—a game-changing piece of legislation in the fight for freedom—is fully funded by the U.S. Congress.

Sign up to host an anti-slavery day of action—
a Rally For Freedom—on your campus on April 11, 2017.
Work with your friends to get signatures in support of fully funding the End Modern Slavery Initiative. Help change the reality for 45 million people around the world.

Rally For Freedom
The freedom and dignity of human beings trapped in slavery around the world is on the line

At five years old,
Kumar lost everything.

By seven, orphaned and alone, he was trapped in slavery.

But today, Kumar is free. And today, Kumar is working to free others who are being held in slavery.

Bring his story of freedom—and the story of freedom for all—to your campus: sign up to host a Rally For Freedom on your campus now!

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How Do I Host A Rally?

IJM will provide you with all the resources you need to bring a Rally For Freedom to your campus. The goal is to collect as many petition signatures as possible. But we’ll also encourage you to be CREATIVE—you know your campus best.

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