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The fact that slavery still exists may come as a shock. Slavery doesn’t just exist—in some places, it is thriving. Ending modern-day slavery will take all of us—including you. The End Modern Slavery Initiative (EMSI) will make a tremendous difference in the fight against slavery, but we need your help to make sure it gets the resources it needs.

The freedom and dignity of people trapped in slavery across the world is on the line.

Put your name on the line and make sure the End Modern Slavery Initiative is funded.

After a devastating drought in Khargone, India, Lal Singh’s crops failed, putting him in a desperate state as he struggled to provide for his family. When a farmer in a neighboring province offered him a small advance of $75 and a job, although it wasn’t much, it was too much for him to refuse. So, Lal Singh and his family boarded a truck with many others and headed out in search of the promised work.

When they arrived, however, their money and phones were confiscated... Read more

When they arrived, however, their money and phones were confiscated and they realized they had been tricked. Lal Singh, his family, and the others that had come with them were forced to cut sugarcane up to 18 hours a day, every day. At the end of their grueling days, they were forced to sleep in an animal shed and were often beaten by the cruel men overseeing their work. The women, one of whom was pregnant, were not spared either. Everyone was under constant surveillance. Escape—or even the thought of it—was not an option.

It was only when Lal Singh’s brother-in-law sneaked off the property and found a phone to call his father that anyone dared to dream of rescue. The environment had become incredibly dangerous and sneaking information out was a big risk. But Lal Singh and the others had no other choice.

Through the family’s continued efforts to contact home, local police and an IJM partner organization called Jan Sahas were made aware of their plight and worked hard to locate and free Lal Singh, his family and the other families trapped in slavery.

After the rescue operation, staff from Jan Sahas took the families back to their homes in Khargone by train, helped them access urgent medical care and met other immediate needs. Over the next few years, the families will continue to be supported by Jan Sahas with monthly visits, check-in calls and other rehabilitation support.

The type of life-saving collaboration between IJM, Indian authorities and partner organization Jan Sahas is exactly the kind of work that the End Modern Slavery Initiative will strengthen and grow. By signing this new petition to ensure the EMSI is fully funded, you are bringing freedom and restoration to an untold number of families—just like Lal Singh’s—across the world.

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What is the EMSI?

By scaling proven anti-slavery models, the EMSI will make huge strides forward in the fight to end slavery, bringing freedom to more people than ever before.

Let’s make sure our new president and members of Congress know that ending slavery is important to all Americans.

If it gets the resources it needs, the EMSI will fund programs that:

  • Free slaves and ensure their recovery, protect others from being exploited, and enforce laws that punish slave owners and traffickers;
  • Set clear, defined goals and outcomes that can be measured; and
  • Achieve a measurable reduction of modern slavery in targeted populations.

How can I fight slavery and human trafficking?

Here is one story of ordinary men and women who raised their voices and helped to free more than 1775 people from forced labor slavery.

Americans found out that modern-day slavery exists.

More men, women and children are living in slavery today than during the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade.

So what did they do?

Your voice matters

Use it to help end slavery today! Sign the petition.

Are you a leader in a faith community?

Add your name to a sign-on letter in support of justice—and an end to modern slavery. [Click here] for more information and to take action.

Why this? Why now?

More than 40 million people are trapped in slavery today. Every day we delay sending rescue and freedom is another day they remain in the horrific cycle of violence, abuse and despair. The End Modern Slavery Initiative is an incredible opportunity to help bring an end to slavery in our world, and we must make sure it has the resources it needs to deliver the vital help it promises to the poor, enslaved and oppressed.

By using your voice and signing this new petition telling your elected officials to support the EMSI, you are bringing a world without slavery one step closer to reality.

The end of slavery in our world is at stake. Put your name on the line and make sure the EMSI is funded.

Didn't I already sign this?

We’re grateful for the thousands of you who signed the EMSI petition and created the political will to make it a reality over the past two years. Because you took action, the EMSI exists today.

But this petition is NEW. In December 2016, legislation passed that authorized new U.S. spending to combat slavery. This means Congress is allowed to spend up to a certain amount, but it does not mean that they will. The U.S. budget process now requires that each year congress appropriates the money they are allowed to spend. Many authorization bills get passed that do not get funded. So this year, we need to tell our new president and members of Congress that ending slavery is important to us as Americans, and urge them to fully fund this new initiative.

We need your voice. Freedom for millions is on the line.

Put your name on the line and tell your elected officials to fund the End Modern Slavery Initiative.

Sign & share this new petition today.

Petition Text

Dear President Trump and Members of Congress:

Today, approximately 40 million men, women, and children are enslaved. Last year, Republicans and Democrats in Congress worked together to direct new funding to end slavery—for good. Today, the End Modern Slavery Initiative (EMSI) Foundation stands ready to direct this funding toward proven models that will rescue slaves, apprehend slave-holders and traffickers, and ensure survivors receive the support they need to thrive in freedom. Please ensure these programs are fully funded by supporting $36 million for this initiative in the 2018 appropriations bill.

As an American, I believe we cannot rest until all are free. I trust you share this conviction.



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