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The End Modern Slavery Initiative Act could change everything.

Right now, the United States has the chance to launch a massive global initiative to end slavery. To get started, our elected officials need to know you care about people trapped in slavery and you want the U.S. to take action.

Sign this petition and act now!

Never before has there been this level of momentum
in the fight against modern slavery.

The End Modern Slavery Initiative (EMSI) will unite leaders from the government, religious, nonprofit and business spheres to enact proven anti-slavery models on a worldwide scale—freeing millions of families and fixing whole systems so that everyone is protected.

World leaders have chipped away at the crime of slavery for years, but now we have a history-making opportunity to end it. This is a huge step forward, and we cannot let the U.S. miss out.

Sign this petition and ask your elected officials to support the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act. 

You can make a massive impact for those in need of rescue. Take action today!


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In the last decade, the world has seen some success fighting slavery community by community. But these programs haven’t been resourced to tackle slavery on a large enough scale. 

That’s where the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act comes in.

The EMSI Act will take those methods that we know work and make it possible for them to operate on an entirely unprecedented level. And because it represents a global public-private partnership, we know it will have the support it needs to truly advance the fight for freedom.

This initiative will fund programs that:

  • Free slaves and ensure their recovery, protect others from being exploited, and enforce laws that punish slave owners and traffickers
  • Set clear, defined goals and outcomes that can be measured
  • Achieve a measurable 50% reduction of modern slavery in targeted populations.


With the introduction of the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act in Congress, the United States is poised to launch a massive, unprecedented global initiative to end slavery. To bring this bold, bipartisan vision to successful passage and execution, our elected officials need to know the movement of support behind this landmark legislation. People of faith have historically been at the forefront of abolition movements, and that is certainly true in the 21st century.

We are inviting any and all faith leaders who want to see modern-day slavery come to an end to join their names together.

By adding your signature, you will be joining pastors, organizational and network leaders, and many more nationwide in this historic opportunity to deliver a mortal wound against slavery. Your voice is particularly influential because Congressional leaders recognize you as not only a constituent, but also  a leader in your community.

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Dear Senator,

The Global Slavery Index estimates that nearly 36 million people are enslaved through bonded labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Our nation must lead in the effort to end this crime once and for all by holding perpetrators accountable, seeking justice and restoration for victims, and strengthening local public justice systems so that laws against slavery are enforced.

That is why a bipartisan group of Senators have introduced the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015. This bill would marshal U.S. resources, with matching investments by other public and private donors, to measurably reduce the prevalence of modern slavery by 50% in targeted populations within partner countries.

I respectfully urge you to co-sponsor and vote in favor of the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015. This is an opportunity for our country to bring freedom to the most marginalized people on the planet.



I support the End Modern
Slavery Initiative Act