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Gather. Act. End Slavery.

Welcome to The Freedom Commons.

There are nearly 30 million slaves in the world today—men, women and children forced to work and living in fear.Your voice can help bring them freedom.

The Freedom Commons helps you gather with others and take action to pass anti-slavery legislation in the U.S. and support U.S. leaders in the fight to end slavery. 

Whether you’re an experienced advocate or just taking your first step, we hope these resources empower you to be an agent of change in your community and beyond. Get updated on anti-trafficking work in your state and nationally, and find ideas for organizing your own campaigns as you mobilize others to advocate for freedom. Learn more.

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National Updates & Events

Holly's News From WashingtonAs we near the end of the year – and the end of the 113th Congress – I’m looking back over the work we’ve done and feeling awfully good about it. That might surprise you, given that the 113th has been roundly trashed by all sides of the political spectrum as being uncommonly ineffective. All ...
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#3 in our series: Meet the team! Here's Eileen Campbell.On the Government Relations & Advocacy (GRA) team at IJM, we are always interested in getting to know you and talking about how you can get involved in the fight to end slavery, but we realize that it might be nice for you to get to know our team, too! So, we’ll be doing a little blog series, ...
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Good news from the fields: Just tomatoes are here to stayAs Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously encouraged, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” In other words, courage, prayer and hard work can and will achieve justice in this world, but that journey takes time. A lot of time. Oftentimes, barraged by a seeming endle ...
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Holly's News From WashingtonWe had an unprecedented visit to IJM’s office this week: His Excellency Julio Ligorria, Guatemalan Ambassador to the United States, who was accompanied by his Minister Counselor, Edgar Villanueva. We’ve had many meetings at embassies to Washington but this was the first time a foreign Ambassador ...
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