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Gather. Act. End Slavery.

Welcome to The Freedom Commons.

There are nearly 30 million slaves in the world today—men, women and children forced to work and living in fear.Your voice can help bring them freedom.

The Freedom Commons helps you gather with others and take action to pass anti-slavery legislation in the U.S. and support U.S. leaders in the fight to end slavery. 

Whether you’re an experienced advocate or just taking your first step, we hope these resources empower you to be an agent of change in your community and beyond. Get updated on anti-trafficking work in your state and nationally, and find ideas for organizing your own campaigns as you mobilize others to advocate for freedom. Learn more.

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National Updates & Events

Holly's News From WashingtonWhen I first came to International Justice Mission seven years ago, IJM had tens of thousands of individual friends and hundreds of churches around the U.S. who provided funds and prayers for our work. But everywhere my colleagues went, those friends asked: “What else can I do to help IJM’s work ...
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It's one thing to know, but what will we do?Thomas Clarkson was a university student when he was given this essay topic: Is it lawful to enslave the un-consenting?Writing the paper, he was exposed anew to what was actually happening around him. Even after he had turned it in, he continued to research slavery, and was astounded and appalled by ...
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Transforming justice in Guatemala won't be easyYou’ve seen some of the statistics from Guatemala: Nothing is done with 6% of the sexual assault complaints filed. Nothing. No action at all. And then there is that huge number: 60%. That’s how many of the complaints get hopelessly bogged down in the criminal investigations stages. For years and ...
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Holly's News From WashingtonThis month was the official launch of our boss Gary Haugen’s new book, The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence. It is an extraordinary story about how common crime—“everyday violence,” we call it—undermines the lives and livelihoods of the poorest people in t ...
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